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Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation Portland Or, Vancouver Wa Picture this: it’s the first cold day in the winter season and you have your furnace going. The entire house getting deliciously warm, but everyone in the house is wearing socks. Why? Because despite the heat going, your floors are still cold! Sound [...]

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Crawlspace Vikings

Crawlspace Vikings Bloom Pest Control & Home Services specializes in crawl space services—so much so that their crew are widely known as “The Crawl Space Vikings.” Over the past few decades, even Hollywood has become increasingly aware of the challenges faced in crawl spaces, and has demonstrated that awareness [...]

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Oh Rats!

Oh Rats! By Nathan Head As an exterminator I have learned a thing or two about rats.  One, people hate them; two, they want them gone.   In writing this article I wanted to convey my personal experience as someone who has been dealing with these guys for a long time.  [...]

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Raccoon Infestation

Raccoon Infestation Portland OR, Vancouver WA When it comes to unwelcome house guests, raccoons can be quite the nuisance. A raccoon infestation means having clusters of intelligent creatures living in parts of your house, such as your attic, garage, and crawl space. Having a raccoon infestation in the crawl space [...]

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Squirrel Infestation

Squirrel Infestation in Portland Portland OR, Vancouver WA Ah, the common backyard squirrel; just seeing the word immediately creates a mental image of these big eyed, bushy tailed little critters. While most people don’t mind seeing them passing through, you definitely wouldn’t want them as permanent neighbors. Squirrel infestations extend [...]

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Opossum Infestation

Opossum Infestation Portland OR, Vancouver WA Crawl spaces are ideal environments for an opossum infestation to occur. It’s a cool, damp atmosphere, and coupled with the lack of sunlight, it’s a preferential place for opossums to nest. An opossum taking residency in a home can lead to possible bacteria accumulation, [...]

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Encapsulation vs Vapor Barrier

Encapsulation vs Vapor Barrier Portland OR, Vancouver WA When it comes to your crawl space there always seems to be a lot of questions but no straight forward answers. On this page we will be talking about the differences between encapsulation and vapor barrier from a neutral perspective, so you can [...]

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