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Picture this: it’s the first cold day in the winter season and you have your furnace going. The entire house getting deliciously warm, but everyone in the house is wearing socks. Why? Because despite the heat going, your floors are still cold! Sound familiar? If it does, then it’s time to consider getting crawl space insulation

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Do I Need Insulation in My Crawl Space?

According to the EPA, walls, ceilings, and floors account for 31% of air leaks. If there’s no crawl space insulation, then maintaining an even temperature in your home can become an issue. The crawl space insulation process begins with identifying and sealing air leaks, then adding insulation. With no air leaking in to your crawl space, your home is further protected from outside temperatures.

What Type of Insulation is Best for Crawl Spaces?

There are four types of insulation that are most commonly used:

  • Fiberglass batts, which are easy to install but the easiest to install incorrectly.
  • Cellulose, which is made of ground up paper and boric acid for bug control and fire resistance but requires the use of an insulation blower.
  • Loose-fill fiberglass, which is ground up fiberglass and requires an insulation blower (and a respirator, as fiberglass is a skin and lung irritant).

Spray foam, which is considered the best and requires the installation from a professional.

Does Insulating Your Crawl Space Work?

If you notice that your energy is going up trying to keep up with maintaining a comfortable temperature, then its time to look into getting crawl space insulation. The first step would be identifying where your air leaks are coming from, which would help narrow where insulation would be most appropriate.

No one likes cold feet in the middle of winter, or a warm room despite the air conditioner going. If you notice that your energy bill is going up and you have varying temperatures within your home, then consider getting crawl space insulation installed.

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