Crawl Space Clean Out

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What is a Crawl Space Clean Out?

A crawl space clean out, simply put, is the process of cleaning your crawl space. You’re home shares 40%-60% of its air (that we breath), with your crawl space. Wouldn’t you want it to be clean?

Where is my Crawl Space?

You’re crawl space is the underbelly of your home. Usually, homes either have a basement or a crawl space. If you don’t have a basement, chances are you have a crawl space. The crawl space is surrounded by your homes foundation, and is home to your HVAC ducts and maybe some wiring.

Why Should I Regularly check my Crawl Space?

An unchecked crawl space can lead to many issues. Mold. Water Damage. Compromised foundation. Rodent infestations. Down Insulation. Those are just a few. Having your crawl space regularly checked and a crawl space clean out are in important in the health of your home.

Garbage in my Crawl Space

It’s very common that we find garbage during a crawl space clean out. Sometimes it’s left from when the home was constructed, other times animals have brought it there to eat/make nests out of.

Why Should I Care about my Crawl Space?

The crawl space of a home has many advantages: it elevates a home, taking away an environment that termites thrive in, are less expensive than a basement, and make heating and air conditioning duct work, along with plumbing, easier to maintain and install. Crawl space clean outs are imperative to maintain the functionality of such an important part of a home. There are major issues that can develop in this section of the house, such as rodent and mold infestations. Studies have also shown that the first floor of a home shares 40-60% of its air with crawl space, so dust that accumulates over time can affect the air quality for the family; this connection can also be a pathway for airborne pathogens to travel. Crawl space clean outs are a great way to make sure your home is an ideal and safe environment for you and your loved ones.

Top 3 Reasons to Have your Crawl Space Checked Out

Because of the damp environment, mold can cultivate easily in a crawl space. Spotty, black mold on wood, paper, or other such material are all evidence of mold contamination. Molds create allergens and irritants; in extreme cases, it can also potentially produce toxic substances. Because the crawl space shares the air with a home, spores can be inhaled and cause allergic reactions. If a crawl space has more than 30 square feet, experts like Bloom Crawl Space Services are necessary.

Pests, such as rats and mice, prefer environments crawl spaces create. Signs of rodent infestations include found droppings, puddles of urine, and the sound of scratching in the walls at bedtime. Rodents carry the pathogen to the hantavirus that can be spread through urine and feces. Because of the lack of UV radiation in crawl spaces, the pathogen is able to thrive and may lead to the Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome (HCS), which has no known cure, vaccine or treatment. Symptoms include headaches, fever, difficulty breathing, and possible death. Opossums also make homes out of crawl spaces, and carry potentially fatal diseases. Professionals trained to handle these hazards would help protect your family from exposure.

Asbestos pipes that have been disturbed, damaged or deteriorated can cause the asbestos to fall on the floor. These microscopic fibers can become airborne, and prolonged exposure can cause mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the chest and abdominal cavity, as well as asbestosis, or scarring of the fibrous tissues of the lungs. Signs of disturbed pipes can only be seen, so it’s best to have experienced professionals do maintenance estimate.

For rainy environments, it’s advised to have crawl spaces looked at a couple of times a year to note any flooding issues that can be the beginnings of these issues. At the least, it’s recommended that an estimate should occur every 2-3 years, in conjunction with being mindful of any signs of problems. The benefits include keeping track of any flood damage that can be slowly occurring, checking for signs of pest infestations that require visual confirmations, keeping dust at the minimum to maintain good air quality of the home, and check of any other abnormalities that may not be prevalent. If you see any indications or pests or structural damage, then a professional crawl space service is needed.

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