Crawl Space Wellness Report

Portland, OR | Vancouver, WA

Are you wondering what’s going on in your crawlspace?  We can provide you with what we call a crawlspace Wellness Report.  This detailed report, completed by one of our professional crawl space technicians, takes the fear out of the unknown.  Our Wellness Report on your crawl space is a cost effective, and proven way to get eyes in place you really don’t want to go.  Leave the spiders, rats, and dirt to us!

There are some really good reasons to check your crawl space yearly! The main two reasons are your health and the longevity of your home.

Some other reasons include…

  • Properly installed and cared for insulation can
    save you up to 40% in heating and cooling bills
  • Air Quality. We share up to %40 to %60  of the air we breathe with our crawl space.
  • Rodents can cause major damage and can carry disease
  • Water damage in the NW is very common
  • A lot of homes HVAC is run through their crawl space
  • A leaky pipe can cause thousands in damage and create a habitat for wood destroying insects.

Our technicians do a thorough check of key components in your crawl space to keep you and your home  HEALTHY!

“See below the scope of what your crawl space wellness report includes!”

Our Crawl Space Wellness Report includes a comprehensive visual inspection of your crawlspace by one of our professional crawlspace technicians and include the following:

ü  Check Vapor barrier

ü  Check for Entry Points (if there are any)

ü  Check for Water Damage

ü  Check Sump Pump

ü  Check Insulation

ü  Check for Garbage

ü  Check All Posts (make sure they are in good shape)

ü  Check for Signs of Rats

ü  Check for Signs of Termites

ü  Check for Signs of Rodents/Small Animals

ü  Check for Signs of Ants

ü  Check for Signs of General pests

ü  Check for signs of Mice


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