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Groundwater can be found almost everywhere. The water table may be deep or shallow; and may rise or fall depending on many factors. Heavy rains or melting snow may cause the water table to rise, or heavy pumping of groundwater supplies may cause the water table to fall.

When we have snow like recently or heavy rain (like we do all the time), it affects the groundwater table. This is important for us to know because it can affect our homes.

What happens when the groundwater table rises?

One of the things that can happen when the groundwater levels rise is flooding. Your crawl space is the area that separates your home from the ground. When the groundwater levels rise, sometimes that means water will get into your crawl space.

Why is water in my crawl space bad?

Water in your crawl space can cause wood rot in your posts and beams, leading to mold. Damp crawl spaces can be a breeding ground for some nasty germs, and a water source for rodents as well as a load of other issues.

How can I prevent water from getting into my crawl space?

You can’t prevent mother nature, but you can take steps to make sure you deter it from creating any problems. The best way is to install a simple drainage system.  A sump pump placed in the right location will remove water that enters your crawl space. If you add in a French drain, water from a much larger area will be carried to the sump pump to be moved outside.

Living in the NW means water is something we all have had to get used to and we have tons of ways to make sure that your crawl space stays dry.

Here at Bloom we offer all our customers Crawl Space Estimates at no charge, which they always come with photos and are done by our restoration experts.

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