Living here in the NW we all know how our weather can be. Someone can sneeze and suddenly it’s snowing in the middle of summer!
The one bit we all know very well is, rain. Oregonians and Washingtonians are known for our non-umbrella using hoodie wearing rebellions, but you may want to think about getting an umbrella for this one. Have you heard the term… ARkstorm?

The Oregonian recently posted this article (Click Here) about the “ARkstorm” that could be coming, and soon.  They say it will mainly effect the poor folks of California, but Oregon isn’t totally in the clear.

Check out this crazy article that has a hint of history and a hint of some “Movie-level” disasters.

“In Oregon, two and a half weeks of solid rain caused the worst flooding in this state’s history,” Scientific American wrote in 2013. “Deluges covered huge portions of the lower Willamette Valley where Oregon City is located. Oregon City was the terminus of the Oregon Trail, and it was the state’s capital, where George Abernathy, an Oregon pioneer and the state’s first elected governor, lived and ran a thriving business. The flood destroyed his home, forcing him (and many others) to leave.”