Drainage Contractor

Portland OR, Vancouver WA

Water in your crawl space is a serious problem, especially here in the North West. It’s also something that can be prevented. Bloom can help.

What’s a Drainage Contractor?

When speaking about construction, a drainage contractor is a professional that helps remediate water, they help with water issues. In our case, a flooded crawl space, we help to get the water out of the crawl space and/or move a flow of water so it does not go near the home/structure.

How to get Water Out of a Crawl Space?

There are many methods for getting water out of your crawl space, we have our methods we stick with that are tried and true. French drains and sump pumps are the most common and popular ways of getting water out.

How to Fix Standing Water in a Crawl Space?

To fix standing water in your crawl space a drainage contractor is highly suggested. Standing water can be caused by many things, most commonly; ground water, rain water runoff, and burst pipes. Hiring a drainage contractor, like Bloom, will make sure that the problem isn’t just temporarily fixed as we make sure to find what’s causing the problem and solve it.

How to Install a Crawl Space Drainage System?

We always suggest having a professional drainage contractor do the dirty work. Our work comes with a guarantee and you know the job is getting done right. Like we mentioned before, the top 2 water remediation techniques are French drains, and sump pumps, click on those links to go to our more in depth pages on those 2 techniques.

Do I Need a Drainage Contractor?

Living here in the beautiful NW, it’s good to at least have a trusted drainage contractors phone number ready. If you suspect you have a water or moisture problem, are smelling something off or musky in your home that isn’t normal, or if you are just worried, we suggest giving us a call to have your crawl space looked at. Bloom is one of the top rated drainage contractors for Oregon and Washington. Don’t forget, the health of your home, starts here.