When Should You Check Your Crawl Space

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Living on the west coast, we are all very aware that it rains a lot here. One thing that not a lot of people are aware of though, is their crawl space. Crawl spaces are very important when it comes to the health of your home. Studies show that we share 40-60 percent of our air in our living areas with our crawl space, so making sure it’s clean and healthy is important. One of the questions we get asked a lot is “when should you check your crawl space?” Well, here you will find a few tricks to figure out if you are in need of some crawl space help.

Look for the Signs

Since your crawl space is under your home, a lot of people think they have to crawl into the muck of their crawl space to see if there is a problem. Wrong. Your home will give you signs that the crawl space needs something. Like when your child is sick they have some telltale signs that they are sick, so does your home. Here are some of the big things to look out for:

  • Standing water or mud on dirt around the foundation of your home.
  • Unpleasant musty/musky odors
  • Respiratory discomfort, headaches, and illnesses (these are signs your body will show you if you have a serious problem in your crawl space)
  • Insect and other pest infestations. Since your crawl space isn’t a place of your home that people frequent, pests and animals will use them. If you have a pest problem there is a high chance you also have a crawl space issue.
  • Mold and mildew on walls and floors, this will usually only appear on the first level of your home since it’s directly connected to your crawl space.
  • Peeling paint on the exterior of your home.

Other signs that are not so easy to see are:

  • Efflorescence on crawl space walls.
  • Signs of rust and rot in the crawl space
  • High radon levels

Even if you don’t see these signs, your crawl space may still be in need of help.

What to do Next

This is why we suggest that you take advantage of our free crawl space estimates. With this we will send a tech out to take a look in your crawl space to check everything out and make sure it’s in top notch working order. If we see anything out of place or wrong we’ll let you know and tell you on the spot how much it would cost for our company to fix it. We also supply you with a written bid that has a break down of everything we think your crawl space needs (price and what each includes).

If you would like to set up your free crawl space inspection today, give us a call or send in a submission form